Vision - Mission, Goals, and Objectives


The College of Business, with its research-based faculty, envisions to be widely recognized as a Premier College of Applied Business whose programs in business and management aim to produce competitive and resourceful business graduates who will become valued partners of the academe and business community as well as the society in general.


La Salle University's College of Business:

  • offers high-achieving students a quality, accessible and comprehensive business-relevant education that prepares them to compete in a global economy;
  • provides faculty who exercise a balance of theory and application, who meet academic and professional standards in scholarship and practice and who provide a responsive and responsible learning environment; and
  • engages in outreach programs that involve alumni, business partners and community leaders in promoting economic, educational and societal advancement.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Ethical Awareness
Objective: Students will recognize and be able to appraise ethical dilemmas involved in business decisions and competently engage in discourse aimed at resolution of these dilemmas utilizing relevant discipline and specific knowledge.

Goal 2: Global Awareness
Objective: Students will recognize and examine the global implications of business decisions while evaluating and integrating innovative applications of these implications utilizing relevant disciplines.

Goal 3: Problem Solving Ability
Objective: Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills in identifying and evaluating problems and opportunities in the business environment and apply analytical techniques to formulate creative solutions utilizing relevant disciplines.

Goal 4: Effective Communication
Objective: Students will write professional documents that are technically correct and concise and make effective presentations utilizing technological tools and ability utilizing relevant disciplines.