Vision - Mission, Goals and Objectives


The College of Engineering and Architecture envisions itself to be widely recognized as a leading engineering and architecture education in Southern Philippines equipped with modern and latest technology for research, experimentations and innovations to meet the demands of the society.


To realize this vision, the College of Engineering and Architecture uphold its role to produce professional engineers and architects who are globally competitive imbued with the Lasallian core values, committed to serve, work collaboratively and apply an environmentally responsible engineering practice.

General Objectives

  • To produce engineering and architecture professionals who are effective problem solvers, committed to ethical actions and social responsibility and can communicate effectively;
  • To be involved with the local community by imparting our knowledge and technical capability;
  • To obtain state-of-the-art engineering facilities and laboratory equipment for engineering research and experimentation;
  • To strengthen linkages, with related industry to fund research, support grants, on-the-job training and be aware of changing needs and demands of the industries.